What are cold-pressed granules containing lactobacilli?

Conventional pellets are now produced by an extrusion process. This is a process whereby a dough (similar to pâté) is first made from various raw materials, which then undergoes an extrusion process, whereby it is dehydrated by high pressure and temperature up to 200°C. Unfortunately, most of the natural nutrients and vitamins are destroyed in the process. These important nutrients can then only be added to the pellets in one, unfortunately chemical, way.
Cold-pressed yoggies pellets are produced by a cold-pressing process of raw, slowly dried raw materials. For dogs, they are closer to nature as food. They retain their natural taste, aroma and nutritional value thanks to cold-pressing (up to 38 °C). The raw materials are carefully selected, dried, ground and then pressed into pellets. They contain raw meat (no meat and bone meal or protein substitutes such as soya), fruit, herbs, substances which are beneficial for the development and vitality of the dog, as well as a mixture of live lactobacilli. They ensure the support of the intestinal microflora in the body of the dog, strengthening immunity and future good health of the dog and the satisfaction of the breeder.Yoggies granules cold pressed with lactobacilli are developed as "All Life Stages" for puppies, adults and older dogs. GRANULES are suitable for adult dogs of medium and larger breeds, or more mature puppies of larger breeds.Pellets without gluten, soy and chemicals, full of natural vitamins, herbs and a balanced content of chicken and beef maintain the health and vitality of your dog. Yoggies pellets cold-pressed flavor are great for dogs and are exceptionally healthy for their digestive system. They are made only from high quality raw materials, which are only dried, ground and pressed. They contain 87% quality meat (for drying) and are therefore the best on the market. Lactobacilli support immunity and a healthy digestive tract, which the pellets also prebiotically cleanse of deposits. They are perfectly digestible and do not swell. This makes it easier for the dog to digest.Yoggies granules cold pressed with lactobacilli are developed as "All Life Stages" for puppies, adults and older dogs. In this package you will find GRANULES in a common size suitable for adult puppies or adult dogs of medium and larger dog breeds.

Packaged ECOLOGICALLY in a recyclable paper bag.

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