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At Doglife you will only find quality brands. 100% natural and made from the best raw materials. natural food for your favourite four-legged friend BEST QUALITY FOR DOGS AND CATS Food supplements can have a preventive effect, but they can also help with acute problems.
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You can find more information here: Paddyis a cat with HD that's been helped with supplements.
Slide QUALITY Cold-pressed granules
with probiotics and prebiotics
Cold-pressed granules
with probiotics and prebiotics
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We selected quality products for your pet's needs. Most of them we first try out ourselves on our pets and if we are satisfied we will include them in our offer.

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We select the best products for dogs and cats.
It starts with natural food, supplements and snacks to care and best accessories
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Daisy Schaeken Yoggies

After a year of trying different foods and getting no results we switched to Yoggies! It was a great decision for my beauceron. No more soft bowel movements, much less hair loss and he shines like a mirror. He also likes it a lot and the yoghurts are a nice addition to his pellets. In short, top service and always willing to explain and give advice! Thanks Bernard!
Non-slip bowl ø16.5

Mr M H and his Ben Yoggies

Hello, I want to thank you for the great job you are doing with the greatest enthusiasm I have ever seen. I am convinced that Yoggies' products are among the best in the world and I would never give my faithful four-legged friend any other pellets.... . I wish you many successes and other new products in the same or even better quality. I am very happy that something like this is on the market at all and you have my favour, support and loyalty to the Yoggies brand. Mr M H and his Ben
Non-slip bowl ø16.5

Sylvie van Hellemont Yoggies

By switching to quality food our dogs have changed dramatically. Less hair loss, no skin irritations, no bad breath, firm bowel movement, beautiful coat, more playful and active. It is a completely natural product and consists for more than 80 percent of meat. To my knowledge there is no other product that gives this guarantee. VERY SUPER CONTENT OF IT.
Non-slip bowl ø16.5

Plushy cats Yoggies

we have 6 cats of which 2 with food allergy our boys were almost dead from diarrhea. all our cats do super well with the kibble of yoggies.
Non-slip bowl ø16.5

Cindy Bossuyt Yoggies

Our four-legged friend is a loyal fan of these products. After one and a half years of searching for the right food for our severely allergic Maltese, we made an enormous progress with the probiotics and hypoallergenic pellets and snacks of Yoggies. I highly recommend these products! The spokesperson is very sympathetic and genuinely concerned about animal welfare. In short: nothing but praise!


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  • New Yoggies biscuits with beef and beetroot
  • No grains, chemicals, salt, sugar.
  • natural resources
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    Pet treats packed with nutritious ingredients, vitamins and supplements to help dogs.

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    What are cold-pressed granules containing lactobacilli?

    Conventional pellets are now produced by an extrusion process. This is a process in which a dough (similar to pâté) is first made from various raw materials, which then undergoes an extrusion process, in which it is dehydrated by high pressure and temperature up to 200°C. Unfortunately, in the process, most of the natural nutrients and vitamins are destroyed. These [...]